Top 7 Project build on Terra (LUNA) ecosystem could be Next 100×


Top 7 Project build on Terra (LUNA) ecosystem could be Next 100×

Top 7 Project build on Terra. Okey Beside Cardano(ADA) & Solana(SOL) one more project is hot topic of Crypto world that is Terra(LUNA). LUNA’s price recently crossed all time high ($35) and it’s now 12th most valuable Crypto project in term of market cap (12.5$B). In addition to increasing the market price of Terra, all the projects of Terra Ecosystem are become talk of the town.In this article we will look at the best projects of Terra Ecosystem and discuss their future potential.

What is Terra?

Terra is a blockchain protocol that supports stable programmable payments and open financial infrastructure development. It is supported by a basket of fiat-pegged, seigniorage share style stablecoins which are algorithmically stabilized by its native cryptoasset, Luna.

The initial mass adoption of Terra’s blockchain infrastructure powering its partner, CHAI, which has amassed over 1.3 million users to date, Terra moves naturally towards ecosystem building that offers competitive programmable payments, logistics, and infrastructure to power the plethora of industry that will be built on efficiency and scale.

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What is LUNA?

Luna is the native staking token recognized by the Terra protocol. Through its role in collateralizing the mechanisms that secure the price-stability of Terra stablecoins and modulate the incentives of validators, Luna serves as a foundational asset for the entire Terra network and ecosystem.

In the next months we will have a bunch of new protocols launching in the @terra_money ecosystem. But which ones I’m the most bullish and why? Which ones will drive $LUNA’s price the most?

1. Mars_protocol:

@mars_protocol is a Money market. Gonna drive a lot of UST and will provide huge opportunities for leverage and strategies that include borrowing/lending assets.

Following @TaikiMaeda2 thesis that whales follow money markets, this will be one of the protocols that will be on top.

2. astroport_fi:

astroport_fi is a AMM/DEX focused on providing LPs with the best experience. Terraswap’s replacement, Astroport gets everything right that TS didn’t.

Takes the best experience from Ethereum dev and brings it to Terra: Curve/Balancer LPs, Governance, Swapping, etc.

3. prism_protocol:

prism_protocol is a Divides LUNA into two tokens, one that allows you to have liquid LUNA and stake it, another that allows you to get airdrops and rewards.

Super interesting what you can do with it strategically wise.

4. nebula_protocol:

nebula_protocol is ETFs, exposure to lots of assets that rebalance without you having to be checking it. Great use for driving more $UST. The team behind it is a beast.

5. Levana_protocol:

Levana_protocol is Leveraged tokens at first, then tapping into Mars uncollateralized borrowing for crazy leverage strategies. I predict it will lock lots of $UST and helps Terra ecosystem to grow in future.

6. staderlabs:

staderlabs is One click easy staking platform that will maximize your staking rewards and provide you with derivatives. Linking this with Prism could be the ultimate game changer.

7. AndromedaProt:

AndromedaProt is Andromeda Digital Objects will make Terra the next generation blockchain. Imagine having multiple smart contracts that anyone can deploy into modules. Allowing you to have “smart agents” that connect between themselves.Think “Next gen Financial NFTs”

Notable mentions:

There are few more project build on Terra blockchdin to look forward.

@ApolloDAO (yield farming),
@NexusProtocol (ape into Anchor borrowing without getting liquidated),
@angelprotocol (if they create a campaign that grabs national attention, they can be THE trojan horse), @kado_money (buy Amazon products with $UST)
@StarTerra_io = gamified launchpad
@ArtemisDAO = 1 click DCA solution
@WhiteWhaleTerra = easy arbitrage opportunities for everybody
@ProtocolTalis = Terra’s first NFT marketplace.
@spar_protocol = choose a pool that works for you, let someone else manage your assets.

There are other projects in Terra that are also great, but these ones are the ones on top of my mind and the ones I’ll be investing in. Anyways, no financial advise, and always do your own research. This is for informative and educational purpose. Crypto investment always risky please study properly Before any investment.

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