Top 10 Telegram channel for cryptocurrency 2022


Top 10 Telegram channel for cryptocurrency 2022

Top 10 Telegram channel for cryptocurrency 2022:- Cryptocurrency has a unique relationship with Telegram, supporting legitimate trading signals channels, as well as news and discussion or pump and dump channels/groups on the cryptocurrency market. Some of it is useful, some is worthless, and some is very informative and educational. People who are interested in crypto-related news, reviews, or token sales upcoming crypto events, AirDrop may find crypto-focused channels and groups to be extremely valuable. So many Telegram users are on the lookout for a legit channel or group that provide valuable information while also screening out scammers, which is understandable.

Top 10 Telegram channel for cryptocurrency

There are three main types of activities in telegram. Personal Message, Telegram Group and Telegram Channel are the three main area of Telegram platform. A telegram group is like a chat room where anyone can write anything they choose. The community manager of these groups uses Telegram bots that are multipurpose and make things a lot easier . You are welcome to participate in the debate by asking any questions, sending a direct message to the author of the post, or simply watching. To keep members up to date on recent cryptocurrency market movements, cryptocurrency telegram channels are regularly utilized to facilitate communication.

Why Telegram should be your preferred platform for cryptocurrency?

There are a lot of reasons why Telegram remains one of the best destinations to learn about cryptocurrencies as well as seek guidance for crypto trading or investment. Aside from being one of the best for broadcasting messages to a large audience, it is designed with unique features (pinned message and inbound link, for example) which enables effective communication.

In comparison, WhatsApp (as well as other messenger apps) have a maximum participant per group of about 250 people. On the other hand, Telegram can accommodate as high as 200,000 participants per group, exposing people to a wider network of people with shared goals.

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To begin with, these free crypto signals telegram channels are created for various purposes including the following;

  • Market information (news, reviews, and pre-sales announcement).
  • Market trends (price forecast, and trading signals)
  • Learning purpose (how to trade cryptocurrency, as well as how to invest in existing or new tokens)
  • Community discussion (a group specially created for a set of people who invested in a cryptocurrency project).

Here are the Top 10 Telegram channel for cryptocurrency 2022 you must join

1. ICO Analytics

ICO Analytics provide frequent update about upcoming Crypto events & news. Along with crypto updates also provide latest VC funding, upcoming crypto projects, exchange listing etc. Best part of the channel is admin post almost instant after project’s official announcement. ICO Analytics has 78k+ members as time of writing the article. If you’re new to Crypto world and want to get legitimate update and news this is one of the best place for you.

2. Whale alert

Whale alert is a bot, track large cryptocurrency transactions & it’s twitter account is well known for tracking massive Tether ($USDT) mint while the market volatile. However the large amount of cryptocurrency transaction is important to track the price action because while massive amount of a cryptocurrency deposited to exchange its chance to sale the token as a result price can dump. In another scenario when massive amount of stable coin deposit to exchange there are chance to pump the price of cryptocurrency. This whale movement could be very useful signal for trading. Whale alert telegram channel has over 343k member, it could be your helpful action to join whale alert telegram channel.

3. Glassnode

Glassnode is a on-chain analytic platform which features hundred of unique on-chain indicator. BTC and Etherium’s holdings are regularly broadcast here to exchanges and big whales. Looking at the holding of BTC and ETH on exchanges and large institutions and whales, it is possible to predict which direction the crypto market will take in the future. For example, if the holdings of the exchange are seen to be declining, it means that the institutional investors are transferring their holdings to their private wallets and they have no intention of selling out very soon. Over 45k members already joined glassnode telegram channel.

4. Rekt News

As the name suggest Rekt News keep track all the crypto scam, exploit, hack, rug pull news and updates unfortunately going on the Crypto market. This type of channel can be very helpful for you in the current cryptocurrency market where you can get instant unfortunate news updates and be alert. This channel can be very useful for you as you need to educate yourself about scam and Melissaus actions of crypto world to survive in the market for long term.

5. Lunar Crush announcement

Lunar Crush is a cryptocurrency social sentiment analytics platform. It’s tracks how people feeling about a specific cryptocurrency or overall crypto market. Lunar crush tracks data from socialpost, news, group discussion & other publicly available data. This is more significant then you think because end of the day price action of a Crypto coin dependent on how people feel about the coin or token at the moment or future speculation. The market is largely influenced by sentiment, so it is important for you to know the market sentiment before trading and investing.

6. Bitcoin Bullets

This channel is one of the most established telegram channels in the bitcoin and trading communities. Every day, it offers bitcoin bulletins, and the trading data is shared with the customers. It also provides market information to help users understand where and when to invest their money. The newest worldwide news from all over the world that is linked to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is also shared on this channel, in addition to market analysis and commentary.

7. Metaverse NFTs News

Metaverse NFTs News is in short of NFT news aggregator. The admin provide best quality gaming Metaverse and NFT News from main stream or alternative media. They also provide the source and link of relevant post so you can deep dive into that. Over 140k member get benifited by the telegram channel. If you interested to jump into Metaverse or NFT space you should Look into Metaverse NFTs News.

8. DeCenter

This Telegram group is dedicated solely to the topics of economics and digital currency, among other things. In addition, the group is committed to teaching individuals of the community, regardless of their degree of competence in the subject matter.
Additionally, the channel is extremely educational because it distributes a newsletter covering industry news every morning. Community members also have unrestricted access to articles that provide in-depth analysis. The most advantageous aspect of this is that members can express themselves on crypto-related topics in several sub-channels dedicated to various topics such as trading, mining, DeFi, and general discussion.

9. @Airdrop

Airdrop is the most juicy thing in the cryptocurrency space. There you can earn free cryptocurrency by completing simple task or early adopter of any project. If you looking for legitimate Crypto AirDrop opportunity probably @Airdrop telegram channel is for you. Over 1.3M people joined the channel. If you new to crypto space looking for experiencing Crypto without any investment this is the best place for you.

10. Coin Bureau Insider

Coin Bureau is one of the biggest youtube channel in the cryptoverse. Coin Bureau Insider is there official Telegram channel. This is one of the best channel for educating yourself about cryptocurrency and for all legitimate update, project review, macro economic analysis & more. The admin also provide daily news flash of crypto market. You can join this channel to educate yourself about cryptocurrency and get accurate information.

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