Step by Step Guide for Claim GARI tokens from Republic Sale


Step by Step Guide for Claim GARI tokens from Republic Sale

Chingari is the Leading Web3 Social Network platform build on solana blockchain. The app has been downloaded a total of over 140 million across various operating systems including Android and the IOS. GARI is the native token of Chingari Network. GARI token Initial Coin Offering (ICO) was opened last year in November 2021.

GARI tokens

Chingari team distributed tokens on Smart Contract and not to the individual investors’ wallets. Now Chingari team has officially announced to distribute their tokens to early investor. Here is the step-by-step guide to claiming the GARI tokens from the Republic sale. Note that the holders can only claim the GARI token at the moment, withdrawals will be opened after the vesting period is over.

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Note – Before proceeding with the claim process, please note that Phantom is the only supported wallet to claim your Tier 1 (540 days) and Tier 2 (365 days) tokens from Republic Sale. Both Mobile and Desktop versions of Phantom wallet are compatible. Also, ensure that you have imported the wallet address provided on the Republic platform into the Phantom wallet.

1. As the first step, visit Here You will be directed to the page shown below.

2. You can put your wallet address and click on view as below and check the GARI Token balance of the wallet


3. You will see the total locked tokens and total unlocked tokens for the wallet you have input as above without connecting your wallet.

4. As an alternate step, connect your wallet to check the balance and withdraw unlocked tokens (if any). Once you click on connect, you will be prompted through a pop-up window by the phantom wallet to connect as shown below.


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Once you have clicked on Connect on the phantom wallet, you will be seeing the following screen with all the details such as-

(i) Locked tokens and their vesting schedule

(ii) Your unlocked tokens — available for withdrawal

iii) You can withdraw your unlocked tokens by clicking on the WITHDRAW available on the top right as shown in the above screen

You will see the above screen, allowing you to select a number of GARI tokens from the available balance to withdraw. You will also see the wallet address you have connected to which tokens will be credited once you approve the withdrawal transaction.

A few points to be noted:

You can withdraw your tokens from the smart contract on the date of release by connecting your wallet. The above dashboards provide you with the date of release of your tokens.

For Tier 1 investors with 540 days lock period, tokens get unlocked on 12th July 2023

For Tier 2 investors with 365 days lock period, tokens get unlocked on 18th January 2023

All the information and steps given in this article are taken from the official social media platform of Chingari Network.Thanks a lot for reading the article if it helps you then you can share this article with others.

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