Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) of Control Systems


Control Systems Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1.  Feedback control system is basically

a) High pass filter

b) Low pass filter

c) Band pass filter

d) Band stop filter

    Ans- b) Low pass filter

2. Human system is

a) A Multivariable feedback control system

b) an open loop control system 

c) a single variable control system

d) a complex control system

    Ans –  a)  A Multivariable feedback control system

3. When human being tries to approach an object his brain acts as,

a) An error measuring device

b) A controller

c) An actuator

d) An amplifier

    Ans – b) A controller

4. A servomechanism is

a) An automatic regulating system

b) A position control system

c) A process control system

d) A closed-loop system

    Ans – d) A closed-loop system

5. A Linear Time Variants system obeys

a) the principle of superposition

b) the principle of homogeneity

c) Both (a) & (b)

d) None Of These

    Ans – c) Both (a) & (b)

6. If some pole of a system lies on the lmaginary system is

a) Absolutely stable 

b) conditionaly stable

c) marginally stable

d) unstable

    Ans – c) marginally stable

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