Google announced Har din Diwali offer for Their merchant user


Google launches ”Har Din Diwali” offer For merchants in India. The 1st November offer has been announced and shoppers will be able to avail the benefits of this offer till 16th November. A few days ago, Google launched the Go India offer for All Google Pay users in India. The Google Pay Go India offer is to visit 30 cities in India and complete the map To win Rs 101 – Rs 501 Reward into bank account. This time Google launched a new Diwali offer for their merchant users. More than one crore small, medium and large businesses in India accept payments through Google PayQR code. These merchants can take advantage of the new offer launched by Google.

The number of digital payments during lockdown due to corona virus has increased significantly in India. Small and large businesses prefer to use solutions like Google Pay Merchant to accept payments. Google has launched this offer on the eve of Diwali to encourage merchants to accept payments by Google Pay QR Code. Google Pay has a large market share in India in terms of UPI payments. More than 100 million people in India use Google Pay for digital payments.

Har Din Diwali Offer

Offer Details : Collect stamps daily and earn rewards with Google Pay for Business this Diwali. Accept payments with Google Pay for Business to get stamps. You can earn stamps daily to get daily rewards, and also stand a chance to win up to ₹1001 if you collect 12 stamps and get a guaranteed reward of ₹251 if you collect all 5 different stamps!

Rewards : Collect stamps and earn rewards daily. The more stamps you collect, the more rewards you unlock!

  1. Daily Shagun: Collect 1 stamp a day and you will earn one scratch card worth up to ₹21 each, per day.
  2. Gift of 3: Collect 3 stamps of the same type and you will earn a scratch card worth up to ₹101.
  3. All Five: Collect all 5 different stamps and you will earn an assured reward of ₹251.
  4.  Happy Diwali: Collect 12 stamps in total during the Offer Period to stand a chance to earn up to ₹1001.

Offer Terms And Conditions:

  1. The game is active from November 1st, 2020 IST to November 16th, 2020 IST, (“Offer Period”).
  2. If you are unable to see all the stamp collection features, update your Google Pay for Business app to the latest version.
  3. You must successfully complete any of the following actions to be rewarded with a stamp.
  4. There are five different stamps that you can collect: Flower, Diya, Samosa, Lantern and Ladoo.
  5. You will earn one stamp per day if you complete the specified collection method. You can collect one stamp per day, up to a maximum of 16 stamps during the Offer period.
  6. When you collect one stamp, you will receive a scratch card worth up to Indian Rupees Twenty One (INR 21). You can earn one scratch card per day, up to a maximum of sixteen during the offer period.
  7. When you collect three stamps of the same type, you will receive a scratch card worth up to Indian Rupees One Hundred and One (INR 101). You can earn a maximum of 5 scratch cards during the Offer Period.
  8. When you collect all five different stamps, you will receive an assured reward of worth Rupees Two Hundred and Fifty One (INR 251). You can earn only one reward during the Offer Period.
  9. When you collect twelve stamps during the Offer Period, you will receive a scratch card where you stand a chance to earn up to Indian Rupees One thousand one (INR 1001).
  10. By accepting a prize, you agree that Google may use your name and image for advertising and promotional purposes, without additional consent from or compensation to you.
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