Crypto Bear market strategy – how to take maximum profit from Bear market?


Crypto Bear market strategy – how to take maximum profit from Bear market?

As Bitcoin is Boss of the crypto Market so full market still follow the price momentum of Bitcoin. The price of Bitcoin has been hovering around $40,000 for the past few months. Bitcoin has corrected over 40% since touching $69,000 in November 2021.
In addition to falling bitcoin prices, the prices of other currencies have dropped significantly.

Crypto Bear market strategy

A look at the history of Bitcoin’s price action over the past decade shows that the price has dropped from an all-time high to 85%. And then it turns out that most AltCoin price crash up to 99%. Despite high quality projects and a very good team, the price of coins has dropped significantly due to falling bitcoin prices this time.

This may be the best time to invest, but unfortunately most cryptocurren investors, especially retail investors, are Demotivated about investing at this time. A general rule of investment is to invest more when prices fall and sell when prices rise. The beer market or the lowest point of the market can be a good time to invest because investing in this time maximizes profit. It is very difficult to determine the lowest point of the market and make the right investment at that time but it is possible to invest in the market at the right time using the right strategy. Always keep in mind that the Risk-reward ratio of investment.

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I will not discuss whether Bitcoin will exist in the future or whether cryptocurrency will be banned because everyone knows that Bitcoin,cryptocurrency and blockchain is going to be the future of Internet. Despite such a huge potential, the total market cap of about 12,000 different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, did not reach 2 trillion. My prediction is that the total cryptocurrency market cap at the lowest point of the deer market will drop to close to 1 or 1.5 trillion. This is going to be the biggest opportunity of our generation.

It has been seen in the past that many coins once had a lot of hype and people talked about that coin but in the future when the bear market came out, the price of that coin did not increase and that coin is gone. Before investing in any coin, there is a need for adequate research on that coin so that the potential of that coin can be realized.

An important aspect of investing in the cryptocurrency market is that the portfolio should always be diversified and it is better to keep most of the portfolio and projects on top 20. Many people think that investing in top twenty coins does not give much return but it is not true, Investing in the lowest market point at the right time can get a much better return of top twenty project. When the market is at its lowest price point and investing in the top twenty projects, then the amount of risk is less and there is a possibility of getting maximum from the market.

Most of the portfolio means most of what I mean by 60 to 70 percent i.e. 60 to 70 percent of the money can be invested in some quality projects including Bitcoin Etheriumand ot4er top 20 then the rest can be invested in different Low market cap projects. As NFT metavas and gaming cryptocurrencies are set to grow in the future, portions of the portfolio must be invested in coins from these sectors.

NFT,metaverse and Play to Earn,gaming coins could rise sharply in the future. Bitcoin is currently trading at 40-50 percent lower than all-time highs. When Bitcoin prices fall by 70%-80%, these coins can be found at 90%-95% lower rates. This may be the best opportunity to earn maximum profit. However, you need to be very careful in this regard. You should invest in any coin after seeing a very good project and good team. You can invest in any coin at this time can give you 10×,100× even 1000× Return.

One of the best strategies to invest in during downtrend is systematic investment plan or SIP. Since it is very difficult to determine the lowest market point, it is possible to invest at the right way with a systematic investment plan depending on some of the key price level. If the price of Bitcoin comes close to $32000 to $35000, the investment can be started. I personally think that the price of Bitcoin can go down from $25000 to $27000. It is very difficult to accurately determine the nature of the market, so I am talking about starting SIP as soon as Bitcoin comes close to $35,000.

While Bitcoin has reached potential levels, other coins can be found at significantly lower prices. And then there will be real time for our proper investment. At this time we are able to invest in some of the best in the top 20 alts Like $SOL,$DOT,$ATOM,$AVAX,$MATIC,$LUNA etc at a very low price that can give us a lot of future returns. One thing to keep in mind is that one coin cannot be fully invested at once and you should always diversify your portfolio and invest in a systematic way.

As mentioned earlier 50% to 60% of the money is allocated for the top twenty portfolio and the rest is money could we allocated for low market cap coin specially gaming, metaverse and NFT projects. My few pick in these sector are $ENJ,$SAND,$GALA,$MANA,$THETA,$RMRK,$PYR,$AXS,$DREC,$APE,$CHZ,$AUDIO,$VRA,$RFOX etc. You can do your own research to pick up best project as per your thought.

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Since Ethereum is still struggling with scalability and high gas fee issues, Leyar-2 coins can perform well in the market. Projects that are working on Zero Knowledge (ZK Roll up)Technology, optimistic roll up etc. can perform well. In this category you can look into $MATIC,$IMX,$LRC, Zk Sync, starkware,arbitum, optimism etc. Some of these projects have not yet launched their tokens so I highly recommend testing these projects and use the ecosystem of the projects so that you can be eligible for future airdrop.

Decentralize autonomous organisation or DAO, Web 3.0 These are two sectors that could boom in the future. Large traditional investors are currently investing heavily in Web 3.0 projects. The potential of this sector could be huge in future and there is potential for huge returns from here. You can invest in those coins by choosing the best team and the best projects from the projects that are working with Web 3.0 at the time of low market prices then you can have huge potential for profit. You can also look at Decentralized Exchange and Decentralized Finance in this sector. The use of decentralized platforms among the general public is increasing at a considerable rate with the advent of strict government regulations so this sector should not go unnoticed.

After all, the right time to invest is the most important factor determining how much return you can get. Market experts always say invest in the bear market and take profit when the market rises but no one can’t says the right time to do so. For this we need to research ourselves sufficiently and come up with our own strategy on how we will develop the portfolio and get a very good return from it. Everything that is said in this article is my personal opinion. You will take it as an information and educational purpose and not as an investment advice.Investing in the cryptocurrency market is a very risky business so always consult with your personal financial advisor before investing and you will invest as much money as you lose without any hassle.

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