CRED 7 Days Mega Jackpot Contest Win 1 Bitcoin, iphone 12


CRED, India’s most popular credit card bill payment platform, announces IPL 2021 special seven-day jackpot contest. CRED users can participate in this seven-day mega jackpot contest to win one Bitcoin, Harley Davidson Bike, iPhone 12, and many more exciting prizes. The Seven Days CRED Mega Jackpot Contest will start on April 27 and run until May 3.

The CRED 7 Days Mega Jackpot Contest has created a special buzz in the cryptocurrency community because the jackpot price of the first day of the contest is one bitcoin. India’s one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange WazirX collaborated with CRED for CRED 7 Days Mega Jackpot Contest. CRED has set a total budget of Rs 3.5 crore for this contest.

CRED 7 Days Mega Jackpot Contest

CRED holds this jackpot contest to attract more newcomers to the CRED platform and to add to the excitement of the IPL 2021. On March 24, Kunal Shah, the CEO and founder of CRED was running a poll about Bitcoin. More than 25,000 people voted in this twitter Poll and Most people told that they belive in Bitcoin. 

The cryptocurrency community in India is growing at a very fast rate. Bitcoin has been awarded as a prize in the CRED Mega Jackpot Contest for expanding CRED among the crypto community. Bitcoin is valued at around 40 laks Indian Rupees at the moment. CRED users can participate on this Mega Jackpot contest using their cred coin. One bitcoin has been placed as the first day’s jackpot prize in CRED seven-day mega Jackpot contest.

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Each credit card bill payment CRED coins can be earned. Using CRED Coin, CRED users can avail and participate in various discount coupon shopping offers and various contests. Using CRED app Every credit card bill payment you can earn cred coin beside that there will be chance to win real cash reward as well. In addition to Bitcoin, other Mega Jackpot prizes in the CRED Mega Jackpot Contest Harley Davidson bike, iPhones12, etc. Using CRED Coins you can participate in 7 Days CRED Mega Jackpot contests and try your luck.

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