Binance Learn And Earn Quiz Answers – Win $13 Worth BAND, UMA, BTTC Token


Binance Learn And Earn Quiz Answers – Win $13 Worth BAND, UMA, BTTC Token

In light of the increased demand for blockchain knowledge, Binance is excited to announce its new education initiative: Binance Learn and Earn. Users can learn blockchain knowledge and complete quizzes for a chance to earn free crypto. Quiz will go live on 2nd June 2022 at 03:00 AM (UTC)

The Binance Learn and Earn rewards are for targeted Binance users only. New users need to complete Identity Verification first before they can earn “Learn & Earn” rewards. Please note that only specific Binance users are eligible to receive rewards for certain campaigns. Please refer to the activity page for details. Binance reserves the right for final reward distribution.

Binance Learn And Earn Quiz Answers

How To Play Binance Learn And Earn Quiz 

1. First Of All Click The Below Link And Create A New Binance Account.

2. Now Tap On Login/register And Register On Binance With Your Valid Mobile/Email.

3. Enter Binance Referral ID – 17800135

4. Tap On Create Account And Verify Mobile/Email Via OTP.

5. Now Verify Your KYC and Go to Your Binance Wallet.

6.  Now Go To Homepage And Click On The Learn & Earn Banner.

7. Tap On Start Course One By One And Answer The Right Answer For Each Quiz.

8. So First Tap On The Woo Quiz And Tap On Start Quiz Option.

9. After Completing The First Quiz Back To The All Quiz Page And Follow The Same Process One By One. Here i Provided All Right Answers.

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Binance Learn And Earn Quiz Answers

Next Answers Will Be Updated On 4th August 12:30 PM

Binance Learn And Earn UMA Quiz Answers

Q1 : What makes the OO optimistic?

Ans: Proposed data will not require resolution unless it is disputed, and disputes are rare

Q2: How many tokens did UMA transfer to its DAO in 2021?

Ans: 35 million tokens

Q3: Who are the three actors in the OO system?

Ans: The contract requesting the data; the participant proposing the data; and the disputer

Q4: Why is there a reward associated with voting correctly?

Ans: So there is an incentive to be correct

Q5: Why does the OO include a human component?

Ans: Humans can provide any kind of knowable truth to a blockchain

Q6: What are the phases in the UMA voting process?

Ans: Voting period; voting revealing period; reward collection period

Q7: What is the DAO tooling organization that is a sister protocol to UMA and Across and is secured by the OO?

Ans: Outcome.Finance

Q8: How long does it typically take for the OO, through its UMA token holders, to resolve a dispute?

Ans: 48 hours

Q9: What is UMA’s native token?

Ans: UMA coin

Q10: What is the cross chain bridge empowered by UMA and its OO?

Ans: Across

Binance Learn And Earn BAND Quiz Answers

Q1: All of these concepts are related to Band Token EXCEPT for…

Ans: Cash incentives

Q2: Which sentence is INCORRECT?

Ans: Band Protocol leverages on-chain centralized oracles that link on-chain applications together.

Q3: Which characteristics differentiate Band Protocol from other oracle services?

Ans: Decentralization, maximum customization and flexibility, easy scalability, economical cost, interoperability, and cross-chain

Q4: Which ecosystem(s) has/have partnered with Band Protocol?

v All are correct

Q5: Which of the following IS NOT a use case of the BAND token?

Ans: To secure a discount when requesting data

Q6: Which sentence is CORRECT?

Ans: BandChain’s Delegated Proof of Stake design and BAND token create a decentralized network.

Q7: What network is BandChain on?

Ans: cosmos

Q8: Which characteristic DOES NOT correctly describe BAND Protocol?

Ans: On-chain DeFi protocol

Binance Learn And Earn BTTC Quiz Answers

Q1: “Locked staking” refers to the process of locking your digital assets on a _ for a certain period of time.

Ans: Proof of Stake blockchain

Q2: With Binance Locked Staking, redemption doesn’t require a certain unlocking period. True or false?

Ans: false

Q3: What can you NOT do on Binance Earn?

Ans: Conduct leveraged trading to amply the returns

Q4: Which of the following is a form of passive income?

Ans: Alice stakes her crypto holdings

Q5: What can you do with Binance Earn?

Ans: Select different products to grow your crypto holdings

Q6: What is NOT staking?

Ans: Generate returns by trading your coins

Q7: Once you subscribe to the Locked Staking, interests will be calculated from the following day, and are distributed to your Spot Wallet every day. True or false?

Ans: true

Q8: When the Locked Staking process is complete, the staked assets will be redeemed automatically and returned to your?

Ans: spot wallet

Q9: Binance Locked Staking’s locking period for different products is the same. True or false?

Ans: false

Terms and Conditions

  • Rewards are limited and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Users can only claim the reward for each course once after completing the quiz.
  • Rewards will be distributed within 48 hours to qualified learners who pass the quiz. Users may check their rewards via Account > Reward Center.
  • Binance reserves the right to disqualify trades that are deemed to be wash trading or illegally bulk registered accounts, self-dealing or display attributes of market manipulation.
  • Binance reserves the right to terminate the activity at any time without prior notice.
  • Binance accounts can only be used by the account registrants. Binance reserves the right to suspend, freeze or cancel the use of Binance accounts by persons other than account registrants.
  • Binance reserves the right of final interpretation of the activity. Binance reserves the right to change or modify these terms at its discretion at any time.

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