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Quiz NameDaily Amazon Quiz
Daily Amazon Quiz Time12 AM To 12 PM
Daily Amazon Quiz Date9 May 2021
Today’s Amazon Quiz PrizeExciting Prizes

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Amazon Quiz Answers May 9, 2021

Amazon Quiz Answers 9 May

(Amazon Quiz Answers May 9, 2021 Will be Updated Between 12:10 AM. Please refresh)

Q1. Which Indian State, That Shares A 510km Border With Myanmar And A 318km Border With Bangladesh, Is Currently Facing A Refugee Crisis?

Ans: Mizoram

Q2. Which Of These Celebrities Was Conferred With The Prestigious Maharashtra Bhushan Award In 2021?

Ans: Asha Bhosle

Q3. Since 2012, 21st March Is Celebrated As The International Day Of What?

Ans: Forests

Q4. Name The Famous Character Who Was This Animal, Created By Writer A. A. Milne

Ans: Winnie The Pooh

Q5.   In The World Cup For This Sport, Who Has Scored The Maximum Number Of Goals?

Ans: Miroslav Klose

Amazon Quiz Answers May 8, 2021

Q1. Which Of These Organisations Is Setting Up Space Technology Incubation Centers In The NITs?


Q2. Punith G. R. From Mandya, Karnataka Has Recently Entered The Record Books For Creating A Massive Rangoli Shaped As Which Automobile?

Ans: Mahindra Thar

Q3. Who, An Avid Golfer Since His Retirement From International Cricket, Has Been Inducted Into The Board Of Professional Golf Tour Of India?

Ans: Kapil Dev

Q4. In Which Country Was The Sake Flavoured Variant Of This Chocolate Launched?

Ans: Japan

Q5.   In An Ironic Twist, A Person Of What Profession Created This Sweet Sugary Item?

Ans: Dentist

Amazon Quiz Answers May 7, 2021

Q1. In 2021, Who Among These Was Awarded The Padma Vibhushan For “Exceptional And Distinguished Service” In The Field Of Public Affairs?

Ans: Shinzo Abe

Q2. Whose Latest Book ‘India’s Power Elite’ Is A Study Of The Nature Of Power And Elitism In Postcolonial India?

Ans: Sanjaya Baru

Q3. Which Country Is The World’s Happiest Country According To The World Happiness Report 2021?

Ans: Finland

Q4. A Group Of This Animal Is Called What?

Ans: Army

Q5.   Angela Lansbury Voiced The Character Who Was This Object In What Disney Movie?

Ans: Beauty And The Beast

Amazon Quiz Answers May 6, 2021

Q1. As Of 2021, Kangana Ranaut Is The Actress With The Second-Most National Awards, After Whom?

Ans: Shabana Azmi

Q2. Permanent Indus Commission Is A Bilateral Commission To Discuss Water Sharing Between India And Which Other Country?

Ans: Pakistan

Q3. What Title Was Used By UNCTAD For The Recent Update Of Their Trade And Development Report 2020?

Ans: Out Of The Frying Pan … Into The Fire?

Q4. The Tail Of This Animal Helps With What During Running?

Ans: Balance

Q5.   The Second Book Printed In What Language, Translated From French, Is About This Game?

Ans: English

Amazon Quiz Answers May 6, 2021

Q1.   Who was given the Gandhi Peace Prize for the year 2020?

Ans: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Q2. The Danish Red Cross has launched a ‘first-of-a-kind’ catastrophe bond for what kind of disasters?

Ans: Volcanic eruptions

Q3. Which country recently launched one of the world’s biggest underwater neutrino telescopes called the Baikal-GVD?

Ans: Russia

Q4. This object is associated with what zodiac sun sign?

Ans: Sagittarius

Q5. How many freshwater ‘Great Lakes’ does the continent, where this country is situated have?

Ans: Five

Amazon Quiz Answers May 4, 2021

Q1. Which Two Rivers Will Be Connected Under The First Project Of The National River Linking Project?

Ans: Ken And Betwa

Q2. Marakkar: Lion Of The Arabian Sea, Which Won The Best Feature Film Award At The 67th National Film Awards, Is Made In Which Language?

Ans: Malayalam

Q3. Which International Organisation Recently Adopted ‘Sinatra Doctrine’ To Counter China’s Growing Influence In Europe?

Ans: European Union

Q4. Extending This Branch To Someone Means That You Extend To Them What?

Ans: Peace

Q5. What Is This Type Of Cat Called?

Ans: Bengal Cat

Amazon Quiz Answers May 3, 2021

Q1. The Ratle Hydroelectric Plant is currently under construction on which river in India?

Ans: Chenab

Q2. In March 2021, which country decided to amend the country’s constitution with provisions that include climate and biodiversity protection?

Ans: France

Q3. Achanta Sharath Kamal, Gnanasekaran Sathiyan, Sutirtha Mukherjee and Manika Batra –all qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in which sport?

Ans: Table Tennis

Q4. What is the name of this fish, who was Nemo in Disney’s Finding Nemo?

Ans: Clownfish

Q5. In which of these cities did the first ‘Modern’ edition of this sporting event take place in 1896?

Ans: Athens

Amazon Quiz Answers May 2, 2021

Q1. In Which Indian Union Territory Was The Radio Programme ”Awaam Ki Baat” Recently Launched?

Ans: Jammu & Kashmir

Q2. Which Of These Organisations Is Responsible For Releasing The ‘All India Consumer Price Index’?

Ans: National Statistical Office

Q3. Which South American Country Recently Issued Banknotes Of Denominations As Large As 1 Million Bolivars?

Ans: Venezuela

Q4. This Country’s Flag, Also Called The L’Unifolié, Has What In The Center?

Ans: Maple Leaf

Q5. In Which Italian City Does This Not Exist, Replaced With Only Canals Instead?

Ans: Venice

Amazon Quiz Answers 1 May, 2021

Q1. A stone from Sita Eliya temple will be used in the construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Where is the Sita Eliya temple located?

Ans: Sri Lanka

Q2. Girl Gang, a track by New Zealand singer Gin Wigmore, has been announced as the official song for what?

Ans: 2022 ICC Women’s World Cup

Q3. Bison is a variant of which supersonic jet aircraft used by the Indian Air Force?

Ans: MiG-21

Q4. This Disney movie’s main character’s look was majorly inspired by whom?

Ans: Tom Cruise

Q5. Alyssa Milano inspired what Disney Princess with this color hair?

Ans: Ariel

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