30 Crypto Slang Words you should know – WAGMI OG LFG GOBLIN TOWN DYOR…


30 Crypto Slang Words you should know – WAGMI OG LFG GOBLIN TOWN DYOR…

Crypto Slang word you should need to know – Blockchain and Crypto is a relatively new technology that has grown significantly from the previous decade and is gaining popularity among people at a very fast rate. Since crypto is borderless by design, tech-fanatics from almost every country are very enthusiastic about this crypto technology and have created a community around the world. Some of the new buzzwords or slangs are popping up in discussions among the Crypto community on various social media platforms including Twitter, Discord, Medium Etc.

Crypto Slang Words

If you are want to join the cryptocurrency world or new to the cryptocurrency world and are seeing these words but don’t understand what they really mean, I will cover each of them in this article. In this article I’ll discuss 30 common Slang-words in the crypto community that you absolutely need to know.

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One of the most common word in the crypto community is ”HODL”. Acronym for ”HODL” is “Hold On for Dear Life”. HODL simply means to buy and hold for the long term, no matter what the market is doing.

Those who believe in a specific crypto coin or a project long-term promote holding that coin and therefore use this word”HODL”.
Next time you see the term “HODLING”. ( read “Holding For Long Term.”).

2. GM


”GM”Acronym for “Good Morning”

The Crypto community says GM to each other all the time, regardless of the time zone, as the ethos is that everyone is in a “Global Community.”

You will probably see Twitter/telegram/discord community greet back with GM. It’s no surprise to hear GM from the next time, of course you can reply with a polite good morning.


If you follow Cryptocurrency community then you will hear the following two terms quite often, let’s find out what these terms mean.

Gonna make it

We all gonna make it

These slangs are implicitly used to comfort someone, or show conviction about the optimistic future web3/crypto holds.

i.e, just bought $APE, ”GMI”



Opposite of GMI is Not gonna make it. Yes you got it right – The crypto slang NGMI mean ”Not gonna make it”.

This is typically used in a context when you disagree with someone’s action/decision or when you are just reflecting on regret over a bad decision.

i.e, sold my BAYC before the $APE airdrop, NGMI!

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5. Normies and Nocoiners

Refers to people: who have not explored crypto yet, have not done proper due diligence, or a skeptic who has stayed out of the crypto w a suspicion that it’s a giant pyramid scheme.

Basically those who do not hold any cryptocurrency or speak against cryptocurrency are called nocoiners. And those who have entered the new cryptocurrency world and have no knowledge about cryptocurrency and do no research to gain knowledge are called Normies.

6. Rekt

This is commonly heard during beer markets in the crypto community.

A slang term for “wrecked” or when you have huge losses .When your position gets absolutely destroyed by an adverse market movement, either to the downside if you’ve gone long or have bought some coins, or to the upside if you’ve gone short or sold off prematurely.

7. Ape in

To buy into a new coin or token — particularly when you don’t know much about it, without doing much due diligence or research but feel driven by FOMO.

8. Diamond Hands

This is a meme that was made popular by crypto and stock traders on Reddit.

It is usually used to denote one’s intention to HODL or hold on to their crypto token, especially in difficult market times.

9. Paper hands

Paper hands is just Opposite of Diamond hand. Typically, someone who sells in panic (NGMI!). Many new investors and those who have no experience of previous market fluctuations tend to sell when they panic.

10. Whales

The term whale generally means the largest aquatic mammal. But in the context of crypto and various financial markets, the Whales term is used for those who are large investors or hold large positions in specific cryptocurrency or stocks.

The biggest holders of crypto are known as whales. For Bitcoin, anyone with more than 1000 BTC is generally considered a whale.

11. Degen

it’s short for “degenerate” and usually refers to crypto natives, who often make risky/bold bets, live on discords, and are actively looking for alpha on CT (Crypto Twitter)

12. To the moon (Mooning)

When a crypto coin has strong upward price momentum, traders tend to describe it as going “to the moon” or “mooning”

Moon bois are those who are chasing coins that can Moon.

13. Shill

Shilling refers to the promotion of crypto for a person’s own personal benefit.

Shillers are likely those that have invested in a particular crypto (or are paid to promote KOL) that isn’t performing as well as hoped and are trying to persuade other people to buy it.

Shilling is when someone is actively promoting a certain behaviour with a hidden motive. It may be because the person has a large position in the crypto he is promoting. “He has a large bag in SHIBA INU coin that’s why he is going around shilling it to normies”

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14. FUD


FUD stands for ”Fear Uncertainty and Doubt”.

Sometimes misinformation can be spread about particular blockchain technology or crypto to bring a uncertainty situation for investor. Many times there is a systematic attempt to drive down the price of various coins by creating FUD.

The best way to prevent FUD is to DYOR (Do Your Own Research)

15. FOMO

FOMO stands for “fear of missing out.”In crypto, this typically refers to when a sharp bullish breakout occurs and anxious investors debate whether or not to buy into an already high-priced market in hopes they will be along for the remainder of the move. FOMO can apply to any financial market but is commonly heard in crypto markets which are largely composed of amateur retail investors trying to navigate extremely volatile price action as they attempt to build a crypto portfolio.

16. Wen Lambo?

It’s essentially asking when the asset in question will gain enough value that its holder can buy a Lambo.

Used in a sentence: “I just bought into Coin X…. wen Lambo?

17. Bags

The coins and tokens in your portfolio. If you hold on to your coins until they become worthless, you’re, unfortunately, a bagholder.

18. LFG 🚀


You will also hear ”LFG” often in the Crypto community

LFG Short for ”Let’s F***ing go”.

Used to express excitement about a crypto project. Best used with the rocket emoji.

19. Sats

Short for satoshis, sats are the smallest unit of Bitcoin. One sat is equal to 0.00000001 BTC.

You’ve probably heard that ”stack sats” mean that you gradually increase your BTC holdings to gain long-term value.

20. Probably Nothing


Means Probably Something Bullish.

It is the polite way to an ape in, with just barely some plausible deniability. This means that it has just started and there is still a long way to go, which means that there could be a huge price jump.

i.e, Visa bought Punks,probably nothing.

21. Rug Pull

This usually refers to the situation where the developers of the platform run away with money or abandon the community without executing.

In many crypto projects, it has been seen that the founder of the specific project started the project with big dreams and promised to bring a big technological revolution, He made a lot of money from the market but later it was found that the founder suddenly disappeared without any information and lost all the money of the public.

22. Goblin Town

A term used to describe a bear market (80%+ declines) recently became popular in CT after the Terra collapse.

The slang stuck and Goblin Town NFT collection (meme type NFTs) did an incredible 46K+ ETH in volume.

23. Ser

Ser means “sir”. It is a way to respectfully introduce oneself or perhaps share an alternative point of view.

24. NFA

A popular word of Crypto community NFA means “Not Financial Advice”.

All crypto YouTubers or influencers use this phrase frequently. Not all crypto influencers are economists or accountants’, so that’s the term ”NFA” they use when reviewing a cryptocurrency projector.

25. DYOR

DYOR – refers to ”do your own research”. You will hear this ”DYOR” from crypto expert advisors and influencers over and over again. In fact, it means they encourage to do own research on a cryptocurrency or crypto project. Someone shares an idea; it’s your job to DYOR.


You’ll often hear this ”IYKYK” from crypto Twitter as it’s very common in the crypto community. Find out what it really means
IYKYK is short for “If You Know, You Know”, and is used similarly “Probably Nothing”.

27. CT

CT is short for ”Crypto Twitter”. For those who has not been on Twitter for a long time, twitter has evolved into a huge information pool for the crypto community where the latest drops, breaking news are all made available first on twitter. Can also be used to refer to the crypto community on Twitter as a whole.

28. Moonboys

Not your typical “to da moon” advocates. These are advanced moon screamers that won’t only shout “to da moon” but also bash anyone who thinks critically and proposes reasons why a particular crypto asset might not fly “to da moon” based on a rebrand or logo update.

Moon bois are those who are chasing coins that can Moon.

29. Crypto OGs

The term Crypto OG is also widely used in the Crypto community. Crypto OG basically used for ”crypto Original Gangster”. OG is slang for anyone who was the founder or creator of something that was the first of its kind. Crypto OGs (crypto Original Gangster) for a founder of any early crypto blockchain such as Vitalik Buterin, who invented Ethereum. A crypto OG can also refer to an early investor in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

30. The Flippening

A speculative moment in the future where an altcoin’s market cap will surpass that of Bitcoin. Depending on when you’re reading this, it might have already happened, or it might never happen. Bitcoin and Ethereum maximalists are at the forefront of this great war.

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